Limiting Beliefs

“I can’t afford that”
“I don’t deserve that”
“I’m not good enough to do that”
“I don’t have the time for that”
“I want that, but I wouldn’t be able to do it”

What if you were told that you could have, be or do anything you want in life? That you have the absolute control and power over everything that you have in your life now, and everything that you wish to bring into your life? Do you see others living the life you want and think, “Oh but they have this skill” or “They have that money” or “They can do that because they have…”, and “I can’t do that.. I don’t have enough of this… I can’t I can’t I can’t…” What if you knew that the only difference between them, and you, is mindset? Would you feel empowered to know that your thoughts control the outcome of your life experience, or would you feel afraid in the realization that your thoughts are full of limitation, doubt and fear? 

When we become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that we have, we can start to see how we have attracted the life that we are now living. 

From birth we are experiencing and associating, consciously and subconsciously every day. Our experiences and our environments shape our beliefs about every aspect of our lives. These beliefs shape the way that we live our lives and in many cases, they serve to protect us. We rely on our memories to show us what causes pain and what brings pleasure. For example – we know that a flame is hot, and so we act with caution around fire to prevent the pain of being burned. On the other hand, we form limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential, and ultimately, our true happiness.  Say you grew up in household where money was scarce, and your father worked incredibly hard to keep food on the table so that you and your siblings didn’t go hungry. And so you grow up believing that you have to work hard for money, or that money is hard to come by, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, money is scarce and you should scrounge and save every penny you get for a rainy day. And so you live a life of financial stress and struggle, working hard to make ends meet, and experiencing rainy day after rainy day, because that is what you have been conditioned to believe and expect. Or lets say your parents go through a messy divorce, you overhear the arguments, you see their hurt, you feel their pain. And so as you grow up and start experiencing relationships of your own, you feel unworthy of love, you keep attracting the same type of unfulfilling relationship which ultimately ends in pain and heartbreak each time. Why? Because you expected and believed that they would, from the memories you experienced as a child, and the beliefs that formed as a result of them. And so you can see how our beliefs end up shaping everything you have and do in your life, all the good, and all the bad.

Now here is where your power lies. When you can identify your limiting beliefs and uncover the situations, experiences or events shaped that belief, then you have the potential to change them. You can literally re-wire your brain by letting go of old beliefs and replacing them with new ones – new beliefs that empower and serve you. When we challenge our old mindset and replace beliefs of lack, fear, doubt, worry and unworthiness, with thoughts of abundance, gratitude, love, confidence and joy, these new beliefs will become your new life experience.  You will propel your life into a new direction and ultimately change the course of your future. Now that you understand the power of our conditioning and the impact of our beliefs on the direction of our life, we can learn how to change them and start living the life that we deserve. Because whether you believe it now or not, you deserve to be living the life you desire.

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