Why Your Habits and Routines Are Essential for Growth

Our habits are what shape our identity. They are what have got us to where we are, and they are essentially who we become. Around 40% of our daily lives are lived out of habit, whether we are aware of these habits or not. Take a second to think about a typical day in your life. What habits can you identify, and what do they say about you? How do you approach your day, your health, your attitude, your mindset?

The most important question we can ask ourselves when we are ready to up-level our lives, is “Do my habits align with my goals?” and “Do my habits support the life I want to create?” How you show up for yourself every day becomes how you show up for your life, and determines what will show up for you in your life.

Our habits set us up for what we experience in our lives. Think of the person you aspire to become, the person living the life that you want to be living, or your higher self. What does this person’s habits look like? When you wake up in the morning, do you hit the snooze button 6 times, rush out of bed, tooth brush hanging out of your mouth as you hurriedly pull up your trousers, grab your bag and a dry piece of toast, and rush out of the door ready to be inevitably late for your day? In the car you are weaving in and out of traffic, panicking about your upcoming work agenda, or getting the kids to school on time, thinking “Oh no, did I pack the lunches!?”


Do you set an early alarm, choosing to rise with purpose and intention for the day? Starting the day with a mediation or visualisation, journaling, moving your body, and having time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Helping the kids get ready for their day, enjoying these moments while they’re still young. Or sitting down with a book that inspires and motivates you. Having the time to give your house a tidy so that you may return home to a calm space, ready to later finish your day with your set of evening routines. 

What separates these two is not a question of right or wrong, but it’s a question of intention. What is it you want for your life? Our highest purpose in life is to inspire and give back to others, and the best way that we can do that is by filling our cup first so that we may give the best of our selves to others; our kindness, joy, love, generosity. When we live our days with intention and purpose, we set ourselves up to be the happiest versions of ourselves, feeling calm and organised and able to overcome any obstacles that come our way. When we live in an unconscious state of creation, we leave our lives up to chance. Our habits and routines are what give us back the control and allow us to determine the direction and course of our lives. The choice is ours.  

So, ask yourself honestly, what do your habits say about you? 

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